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We are proud to be affiliated with Tom Barefoot’s Tours as a source for the best and cheapest rates of ALL activities on Maui and all the other Hawaiian Islands.  I do all the research and legwork, get a small compensation, and you get the top Maui Activities at the maximum discounts available at no extra charge – it’s a win-win for both of us.

What’s great about Tom is that you can set up your own account and do your own price shopping and sign up BEFORE you fly to Maui.  Many of the top activities on Maui are booked weeks in advance and at holiday times we’re talking months ahead.

Right now, click this link and set up an account so you are ready to shop and book your own activities.

You’ve seen the ads for $19 Luau and whale watching for $5 well those ads require you to sit through a 90-300 minute timeshare spiel.  We own lots of timeshares and have sat through many on Maui to get the discounted activities – we don’t need to do that anymore, neither do you.  I can offer you the lowest possible prices and you don’t have to do anything at all.  Tom Barefoot’s Tours has accepted our website as an official affiliate location to book these wonderful activities/tours.

You’ve probably read my “Best of” series and everyone of those activities can be booked through this link.  Well, many of these activities/tours we have been on in the past 10 years of vacations in Maui.  There is no reason anymore for you to sit through high-pressure timeshare sales pitches or book second rate activities – take advantage of this website and our experience.

Low Price Guarantee

This is your #1 concern when booking activities/tours on Maui – are you getting the lowest price.  It’s easy as pie to be charged the highest possible price but hard to know if you are paying for the lowest possible price on the island.

However, there are a number of #1 activities that offer NO discount to anyone but Tom still handles them so you have one, convenient, place to book ALL your activities.  Trust me, some of these #1 activities on Maui have no way to get a discount – and thus many activities centers don’t handle them.  Tom is different and a reason why we became an affiliate of Tom’s – he shows ALL activities and you then get to pick which ones you want and if there is a discount to be found on Maui Tom will give it to you and back it up with his Low Price Guarantee which is for real.

Why book with Tom Barefoot’s Tours?

Question: Why would I book with Tom Barefoot’s Tours instead of booking with the activity company directly?

Answer: Not only will you often times receive a discount well beneath the vendors retail rates, but by making all of your arrangements in one place you are free to make changes to any of your reservations without having to worry about making multiple phone calls, paying additional rescheduling fees, or having scheduling issues. You can also use our staff to get our non biased answers to your questions and help figuring out which product will best meet the needs of your group.

  • Price- At Tom Barefoot’s Tours you will always get the best price with our ” Low Price Guarantee.”
  • Selection- We can arrange virtually anything you want to do in Hawaii (2000+ options). Tom Barefoot’s Tours has the largest selection of tours and activities in the industry, period.
  • Service- Our highly experienced staff is available to answer questions and help you find the activities and tours that meet the needs of your group.
  • No Ticket Pick-up Required- There’s no need to come by and pick up your tickets at our store, we will have your tickets delivered to you by mail, fax or email. Or, in the event of a last minute booking we will have your ticket express delivered to your activity or tour so you can check in with a photo ID.
  • Credibility – Tom Barefoot’s Tours is recommended by Frommer’s Travel Guides, Fodors Travel Guides, Complete Idiot’s Travel Guides, Hawaii For Dummies Travel Guides, Best of Hawaii Travel Guides, Rough Travel Guides, Lonely Planet Hawaii Travel Guides, Moon Handbooks Hawaii Travel Guides and many more.
  • Security – Tom Barefoot’s Tours is committed to providing a safe and secure on-line shopping experience. We offer three methods to order Hawaiian tours and activities: On-line Activity Cart, Toll-Free Phone Number, or visit our Showroom on Maui.
  • Experience – Most of the staff at Tom Barefoot’s Tours has been with us for many years and in fact some have been working with us for over 20 years.
  • Quality – The staff at Tom Barefoot’s Tours is highly trained, professional, courteous and helpful. When you call or place an order, you make contact with your own personal tour and activity consultant.

Tom Barefoot’s Tours – Pricing and Cancellation Policy

Tom Barefoot - President and Founder

Tom Barefoot’s Tours offers you with the lowest price tours and activities possible. That price will be noted as “your price” on the page describing the tour or activity along with the “regular price” for the tour or activity. Pricing is based upon cash or travelers check sales plus applicable taxes. This price will also be extended to clients using personal checks, which are received in our office 10 working days prior to the actual date of the tour or activity.

All purchases are subject to handling fee of three percent of the discounted rate, on non discounted items no handling fee will not be applied. For credit card purchases on discounted tours and activities a charge of 3% will be applied.
For personal check purchases on discounted tours and activities paid less than 10-days prior to the actual event a charge of 3% will be applied.

A Cancellation fee of 10% of the regular price will be charged on tour and activity Cancellations. Tours canceled within 48hours of the scheduled event may be subject to additional fees dictated by the vendor.

I’m starting a new Series all bout activities and links to book them BEFORE you come to Maui.  Many, many activities on Maui are booked up way in advance and if you wait until you actually get here you will be shocked – the days and times you want are not available since other folks booked them before they came to Maui.

Activity Articles:

Magic Shows : Warren & Annabell Kupanaha Magic Show

The two best Maui Luaus: Old Lahaina Luau Feast at Lele

Whale Watching: Maui Adventure Tours

Road to Hana – Valley Isle Excursions

I’m doing research and will bring to you ONLY the best activities on Maui – why settle for #2?


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